8 Important Factors To Make Your Corporate Dinner and Dance Event A Success:

1. Audience Participation

Your customers and employees are the real star of the show. This makes your event more exciting, memorable and fun for everyone!

2. Customized Presentations

These are not 'off the shelf' shows. You will get a presentation that is specifically customized for your event. Stefan can develop an effect that incorporates your logo and message - this is a very important benefit. People will enjoy and remember the show - and your company - for a long time because the presentation was created especially for them.

3. Pre-Show Meeting And Demo

Don't buy anything you haven't seen. It is very difficult to judge, even on a video, how good a performer actually is, or if he/she fits your business needs. This is why Stefan offers you a free pre-show demonstration.

4. No Preparation Necessary

Stefan puts all the work into presenting you a professional show. You don't have to do anything but sit back and enjoy the show!

5. References

You can be confident that Stefan is the right man for your event. But don't take his word for it, read here what others have to say.
what the others say

6. Satisfaction Guarantee

Stefan's only objective is to make YOU and YOUR GUEST happy. It is so important to him that he offers you 100 % satisfaction guarantee.
Your Guarantee

7. International

The shows can be done in English and/or German. Stefan has preformed his shows internationally in Japan, Singapore, the United States and Europe. He will ensure that even a mixed crowed is entertained and has fun.

8. Demo Video

Watch a sneak preview of Stefan's ›After Dinner Show‹. You will get a first impression what You can expect.
Sneak Preview Sneak Preview (low Bitrate)

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