Corporate Entertainment To Make Your Company Dinner and Dance Event Memorable and Fun:

Close Up, Strolling Magic:

This is a great chance to add that personal touch to Your company event. One of the important factors in creating a really special event is to make sure that your guests start having fun right away... minutes after they arrive. Stefan mingles with your guests and performs 'mini-shows which include incredible magical effects with personal objects. It won't take long before you hear laughter, sighs of amazement and applause everywhere. Your guest will be stunned to see magic performed that close!

Customized effects including your logo and message

Ideal to break the ice and get your clients and guests talking

No preparation necessary - can be done almost anywhere

3 to 10 minutes shows for small groups (1 - 15 people)

Stage Show:

An after dinner and dance show that includes non-stop baffling demonstrations of magic, hilarious comedy, wild mind-reading, tons of audience interaction. The show is 100% clean, fast-paced and most of all it's fun! Your guests and guests will be screaming with laughter and amazement! This one often results in a standing ovation for one of your guests! It's the perfect way to top off your evening!

Your guests are actively involved in the show

Interactive Comedy Magic and Mind Reading

Customized presentations can be created

Show ranges from 20 to 45 minutes.

Suitable for an audience up to 300 people

Best of Magic:

You will get the Highlights of both shows - the perfect entertainment package. It combines one full hour of ›Close-Up Magic‹ and 30 minutes ›After Dinner Show.‹ This is the ideal package to make your event extra special!

Miracles of the Mind:

Are you looking for something extraordinary but intimate? In Miracles of the Mind Stefan will take your group on an amazing mental journey. This is mind reading entertainment using the five physical senses and psychological techniques to create the illusion of a sixth sense - leaving a lasting impression with the audience.

Show duration is about 25 minutes

Ideal for small groups from 20 - 100 people

Well suited for customer award dinners and dinner parties

Can include a customized effect using your product or services

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Trade Show Magic:

The success of your upcoming trade show depends on the following elements. You must...

Attract the right audience

Hold their attention

Deliver your message compellingly

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